Webinar Trainings

Webinar Trainings are a great way to get familiar with the online booking system. Our team of experts will walk you through all of the tips and tricks to using the system. Webinars typically last about 20 minutes and can be done from any computer. Please see the different types of live webinars that are available. If you need a custom webinar training just let us know what topics you would like covered.



Individual Traveler Training —

  This is a short 1 on 1 training session that will highlight the tips and tricks to using the online system.    
Whole Department Training —   The most effective means to get a whole department set up is to have multiple travelers all log into the same training session.    
Travel Arranger Training —   Travel Arrangers have a different set of abilities in the online booking tool. We will highlight how best to manage your travelers profiles as well book and manage all reservations.      

Please reach out to Shaun Buynack at shaun@optionstravel.com or Megan Ross at megan@optionstravel.com to schedule a date and time for a live webinar.